Suckling kid breed and slaughter weight discrimination using muscle colour and visible reflectance

Meat colour was evaluated in 141 male suckling kids from five Spanish breeds: Blanca Andaluza (BA), Blanca Celtibérica (BC),Moncaína (MO),Negra Serrana-Castiza (NE) and Pirenaica (PI). Kidswere slaughtered at 7.5 and 11.5 kg. pH and colour were measured in the longissimus thoracis et lumborum muscle. pH values did not differ significantly among breeds. Lightness tended to decrease and redness to increase asweight increased. BC and NE at lightweight and BC and BA at heavy weight were characterized by greater lightness, chroma and hue. At both weightsMOand PI were darker and showed lower values for chroma and hue. BA at lightweight and NE at heavy weightwere characterized by values thatwere between those of the former groups for all variables. Discriminant analysis based on colour and pH correctly classified 48.9% of the kids into their breed and slaughter weight.


Meat Science, 87, 151-156


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