Effect of nanocomposite packaging containing different proportions of ZnO and Ag on chicken breast meat quality

pechugaThis study reports the antimicrobial capacity, nanoparticle migration properties and the influence on some meat quality traits of a packaging based on a low density polyethylene (LDPE) blended with a nano-antimicrobial master batch composed of Ag and ZnO (5% and 10% w/w). Meat was aged for storage times of 0, 7, 10, 15 or 21 days. Composition of the package atmosphere, some microbiological analyses, meat sensorial quality, meat color, visual appearance score and lipid oxidation index (TBAR) values were determined. Irrespective of the packaging, the O2 concentration decreased and the CO2 concentration and count for all types of microbe increased with storage time. Redness, yellowness and Chroma of the breast meat increased until to 7 days whereas maximum lightness values were found at 15 days. Visual appearance scores decreased and lipid oxidation increased with storage time. It was found that adding ZnO + Ag nanoparticles to LDPE packaging has an antimicrobial effect whilst migration amounts were well within those allowed by law.


Journal ofFood Engineering 123, 104-112



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