Association of bovine meat quality traits with genes included in the PPARG and PPARGC1A networks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnderstanding which are the genetic variants underlying the nutritional and sensory properties of beef, enables improvement in meat quality. The aim of this study is to identify new molecular markers for meat quality through an association study using candidate genes included in the PPARG and PPARGC1A networks given their master role in coordinating metabolic adaptation in fat tissue, muscle and liver. Amongst the novel associations found in this study, selection of the positivemarker variants of genes such as BCL3, LPL, PPARG, SCAP, andSCD will improvemeat organoleptic characteristics and health by balancing the n−6 ton−3 fatty acid ratio inmeat. Also previous results on GDF8 and DGAT1 were validated, and the novel ATF4, HNF4A and PPARGC1A associations, although slightly under the significance threshold, are consistent with their physiological roles. These data contribute insights into the complex gene-networks underlying economically important traits.

Meat Science 94, 328-335


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